1. Paining
2. Smarting
3. Throbbing
4. Stabbing
5. Tingling
6. Stinging
7. Pinching
8. Pricking
9. Twinging
10. Burning
11. Gripping
12. Sore
13. Tender
14. Straining
15. Weary
16. Ailing
17. Searing
18. Twitching
19. Throb
20. Pang
21. Thumping
22. Oppressing
23. Niggling
24. Agonizing
25. Straining
26. Tugging
27. Pulsing
28. Weakening
29. Oppressing
30. Tiring

Are you looking for synonyms for the word «aching»? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best ideas for synonyms for the word «aching». Paining, smarting, throbbing, stabbing, tingling, stinging, pinching, pricking, twinging, burning, gripping, sore, tender, straining, weary, ailing, searing, twitching, throb, pang, thumping, oppressing, niggling, agonizing, straining, tugging, pulsing, weakening, oppressing, and tiring are all great other words for «aching». With this list, you’ll have plenty of synonyms to choose from when you’re looking for a word to express the feeling of aching. Whether you’re writing a story, poem, or essay, you’ll be able to find the perfect synonym for «aching» that fits your needs.