1. Narrative
2. Chronicle
3. Recital
4. Narration
5. Report
6. Tale
7. Description
8. History
9. Story
10. Statement
11. Register
12. Relation
13. Memorandum
14. Testimony
15. Anecdote
16. Description
17. Depiction
18. Explanation
19. Record
20. Rendition
21. Version
22. Representation
23. Narrative
24. Relation
25. Recital
26. Narrative
27. Narrative
28. Tally
29. Summary
30. Tabulation

When looking for synonyms for the word «account», there are many ideas to consider. For the best results, it is important to think of other words for «account» that are related to the specific context in which the word is being used. There are many synonyms to choose from, including narrative, chronicle, recital, narration, report, tale, description, history, story, statement, register, relation, memorandum, testimony, anecdote, description, depiction, explanation, record, rendition, version, representation, narrative, relation, recital, narrative, narrative, tally, summary, and tabulation. Each of these words can be used to provide a different perspective or nuance to the meaning of «account». By considering the various synonyms for «account», it is possible to find the best word for any given context.