1. Unintentional
2. Unplanned
3. Unforeseen
4. Spontaneous
5. Erratic
6. Unscheduled
7. Chance
8. Unwitting
9. Unexpected
10. Unpredicted
11. Spurious
12. Unintended
13. Unforeseen
14. Unanticipated
15. Unlooked-for
16. Incidental
17. Random
18. Unpremeditated
19. Unfortunate
20. Unavoidable
21. Casual
22. Surprising
23. Impromptu
24. Unmeant
25. Unintentioned
26. Unwittingly
27. Unanticipatedly
28. Unplannedly
29. Unpurposed
30. Unwished-for

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