1. Agreed
2. Approved
3. Allowed
4. Granted
5. Sanctioned
6. Endorsed
7. Ratified
8. Validated
9. Confirmed
10. Legitimate
11. Recognized
12. Acknowledged
13. Received
14. Favored
15. Affirmed
16. Admitted
17. Welcomed
18. Permitted
19. Tolerated
20. Authorized
21. Acceptable
22. Endured
23. Favoured
24. Noted
25. Acknowledged
26. Sanctioned
27. Endowed
28. Conceded
29. Adopted
30. Apropos

Finding synonyms for the word “accepted” can be a great way to expand your vocabulary and find the perfect word for your project or essay. Whether you’re looking for the best ideas or other words for accepted, this list provides plenty of options. From agreed and approved to welcomed and noted, these synonyms for accepted can help you express yourself in a more nuanced and sophisticated way. With words like ratified, permitted, and acknowledged, you can make sure your message is understood and accepted. Whether you’re writing a formal document or a casual message, these synonyms for accepted can help you find the right word for the job.