1. Concept
2. Notion
3. Idea
4. Imagination
5. Thought
6. Intuition
7. Impression
8. Fancy
9. Vision
10. Belief
11. Perception
12. Fancy
13. Delusion
14. Conceptualization
15. Representation
16. Reflection
17. Conceptualizing
18. Conception
19. Figment
20. Notional
21. Abstractionism
22. Hypothesis
23. Phantasm
24. Illusion
25. Intellect
26. Apprehension
27. Cognition
28. Interpretation
29. Apprehension
30. Inference

Finding the best synonyms for the word «abstraction» can be a difficult task. It is important to understand the various meanings of the word in order to find the most appropriate synonyms. Thankfully, there are many words that could be used as synonyms for abstraction. Ideas such as concept, notion, idea, imagination, thought, intuition, impression, fancy, vision, belief, perception, fancy, delusion, conceptualization, representation, reflection, conceptualizing, conception, figment, notional, abstractionism, hypothesis, phantasm, illusion, intellect, apprehension, cognition, interpretation, apprehension, and inference can all be used as synonyms for abstraction. With this list of synonyms, you should have no problem finding the best words to express the concept of abstraction.