1. Soaks up
2. Ingests
3. Takes in
4. Engulfs
5. Swallows
6. Gulps
7. Consumes
8. Engorges
9. Inhales
10. Drinks
11. Sucks
12. Laps up
13. Saps
14. Sops
15. Sops up
16. Sucks up
17. Inclines
18. Imbibes
19. Gobbles
20. Devours
21. Ingests
22. Gorges
23. Sponges
24. Sucks in
25. Uptakes
26. Inculcates
27. Imprints
28. Quaffs
29. Succumbs
30. Scoops up

Searching for another word for ‘absorbs’ can be difficult, but it’s important to find the best ideas to express yourself. Whether you’re looking for a synonym to use in a creative writing project, a speech, or an essay, this list of 30 alternative words for ‘absorbs’ will help you find the perfect phrase. From ‘soaks up’ and ‘ingests’ to ‘quaffs’ and ‘scoops up’, you’ll find the perfect word to fit your needs. All of these synonyms for ‘absorbs’ can be used to express the concept of taking in or assimilating something in a more creative way. With this list of 30 alternatives, you can find the perfect phrase to express yourself in any situation.