1. Engrossed
2. Sucked in
3. Ingested
4. Consumed
5. Soaked up
6. Engulfed
7. Taken in
8. Bewitched
9. Fascinated
10. Captivated
11. Preoccupied
12. Attracted
13. Devoured
14. Sucked up
15. Submerged
16. Entranced
17. Preyed upon
18. Consumed by
19. Charmed
20. Spellbound
21. Intrigued
22. Hooked
23. Fascinated by
24. Enticed
25. Inhaled
26. Lured
27. Ravished
28. Hypnotized
29. Swallowed
30. Mesmerized

When looking for the best ideas for other words for absorbed, it is important to consider the context in which the word is being used. Synonyms for absorbed can be used to describe a person that is completely immersed in a task or activity, or to describe a material that has taken in a liquid or gas. Examples of synonyms for absorbed could include engrossed, sucked in, ingested, consumed, soaked up, engulfed, taken in, bewitched, fascinated, captivated, preoccupied, attracted, devoured, sucked up, submerged, entranced, preyed upon, consumed by, charmed, spellbound, intrigued, hooked, fascinated by, enticed, inhaled, lured, ravished, hypnotized, swallowed, and mesmerized. Each of these words can bring a unique connotation to the phrase, allowing for more specific and descriptive language.