1. Overseas
2. Beyond Borders
3. International
4. Foreign
5. Faraway
6. Distant
7. Abroad
8. Out of the Country
9. Out of the Nation
10. Far-Flung
11. Transcontinental
12. Transoceanic
13. Transnational
14. Transregional
15. Extraterritorial
16. Global
17. Worldwide
18. In a Foreign Land
19. In a Foreign Place
20. Beyond the Seas
21. Beyond the Shores
22. Cross-Border
23. Outland
24. Expatriate
25. Long-Distance
26. Long-Range
27. Long-Haul
28. Intercontinental
29. Interoceanic
30. Interregional

When looking for the best ideas and words to describe the concept of being abroad, it is important to consider its many synonyms. Going abroad can be described as overseas, beyond borders, international, foreign, faraway, distant, out of the country, out of the nation, far-flung, transcontinental, transoceanic, transnational, transregional, extraterritorial, global, worldwide, in a foreign land, in a foreign place, beyond the seas, beyond the shores, cross-border, outland, expatriate, long-distance, long-range, long-haul, intercontinental, interoceanic, and interregional. These words all carry the same meaning, but can be used in different contexts to express the same idea. By having a list of synonyms for the word abroad, you can easily find the best word to fit the context of your writing.