1. Capability
2. Competency
3. Adeptness
4. Skilfulness
5. Proficiency
6. Capacity
7. Expertise
8. Acumen
9. Dexterity
10. Aptitude
11. Readiness
12. Facility
13. Resourcefulness
14. Savvy
15. Cunning
16. Competence
17. Endowment
18. Smartness
19. Know-how
20. Mastery
21. Ingenuity
22. Proficience
23. Cleverness
24. Savoir-faire
25. Readiness
26. Artfulness
27. Adroitness
28. Ability
29. Know-how
30. Competency

When looking for ideas for words to describe abilities, it can be helpful to consider synonyms. There are many different synonyms for the word “ability”, and it can be beneficial to consider the best ideas to use in order to express what you are looking for. Some of the best ideas for synonyms for “ability” include capability, competency, adeptness, skilfulness, proficiency, capacity, expertise, acumen, dexterity, aptitude, readiness, facility, resourcefulness, savvy, cunning, competence, endowment, smartness, know-how, mastery, ingenuity, proficience, cleverness, savoir-faire, readiness, artfulness, adroitness, and know-how. Each of these words can be used to help express the idea of “ability” in different contexts.