1. Innocent
2. Guileless
3. Virtuous
4. Blameless
5. Incorruptible
6. Sinless
7. Chaste
8. Uncorrupted
9. Upright
10. Pure
11. Inculpable
12. Righteous
13. Unblemished
14. Exempt
15. Unimpeachable
16. Inoffensive
17. Unsullied
18. Faultless
19. Unstained
20. Uncontaminated
21. Undefiled
22. Spotless
23. Incorrupt
24. Immaculate
25. Unspoiled
26. Irreproachable
27. Undefiled
28. Unimpaired
29. Uncorrupted
30. Uncorroded

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