Synonyms for Abdomen:

1. Belly
2. Gut
3. Waist
4. Middle
5. Midriff
6. Core
7. Trunk
8. Stomach
9. Tummy
10. Breadbasket
11. Venter
12. Thorax
13. Thoracic cavity
14. Viscera
15. Ventral region
16. Lower torso
17. Gut area
18. Abdominal area
19. Thoracic region
20. Abdominal cavity
21. Abdominal region
22. Intestinal area
23. Intra-abdominal area
24. Abdominal wall
25. Lower abdomen
26. Midsection
27. Thoracic area
28. Abdominal zone
29. Abdominal part
30. Abdominal area

When you’re looking for another word for abdomen, the best ideas are to use synonyms. Synonyms for abdomen include belly, gut, waist, middle, midriff, core, trunk, stomach, tummy, breadbasket, venter, thorax, thoracic cavity, viscera, ventral region, lower torso, gut area, abdominal area, thoracic region, abdominal cavity, abdominal region, intestinal area, intra-abdominal area, abdominal wall, lower abdomen, midsection, thoracic area, abdominal zone, abdominal part, and abdominal area. Using synonyms for abdomen can help to make your writing more interesting and varied.