1. Acronym
2. Shortening
3. Contraction
4. Reduction
5. Elision
6. Clip
7. Clipping
8. Truncation
9. Concision
10. Compression
11. Abatement
12. Diminution
13. Abridgement
14. Cutback
15. Abbreviate
16. Abridge
17. Shorten
18. Synopsis
19. Digest
20. Capsulize
21. Paraphrase
22. Summary
23. Condense
24. Compend
25. Synopsize
26. Summarize
27. Paraphrase
28. Abstraction
29. Summary
30. Parcel

Finding the best synonyms for the word «abbreviation» can be a challenge. However, there are a variety of ideas that can help you come up with the perfect word to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for other words for abbreviation, such as acronym, shortening, or contraction, or even more creative ideas like elision, clip, or truncation, there is a perfect synonym to fit your needs. With a wide array of words to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect word to fit your needs.