1. Fellowship
2. Mutual Aid
3. Group Support
4. 12-Step Program
5. Sobriety
6. Abstinence
7. Temperance
8. Recovery
9. Dry
10. Teetotaler
11. Abstainer
12. Non-drinker
13. Reformed
14. Clean and Sober
15. Non-alcoholic
16. On the Wagon
17. In the Program
18. Sober Living
19. Abstinence-based
20. Abstinence-oriented
21. Support Group
22. Fellowship of Alcoholics
23. Fellowship of Drug Addicts
24. Mutual Self-Help
25. Mutual Self-Support
26. Mutual Self-Help Group
27. Mutual Aid Society
28. Alcoholics Anonymous
29. Narcotics Anonymous
30. Al-Anon

When looking for another word for Alcoholics Anonymous, or other words for AA, there are many great ideas to consider. From ‘Fellowship’ to ‘Sobriety’, ‘Recovery’ to ‘Temperance’, ‘Abstinence’ to ‘Non-drinker’, there are many different terms that can be used to refer to Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s important to understand the best terms to use when discussing AA, as each term carries a different connotation. Whether it’s ‘12-Step Program’ or ‘Mutual Aid Society’, the right term can make all the difference when it comes to discussing AA.