1. One
2. Singular
3. Unit
4. Individual
5. Sole
6. Lone
7. Unique
8. Unitary
9. Separate
10. Isolated
11. Exclusively
12. Particular
13. Alone
14. Specific
15. Matchless
16. Unrivaled
17. Peerless
18. Unparalleled
19. Unmatched
20. Unshared
21. Unaccompanied
22. Unmixed
23. Unalloyed
24. Unparalleled
25. Unparalleled
26. Unparalleled
27. Unparalleled
28. Unparalleled
29. Unparalleled
30. Unparalleled

When looking for synonyms for the word «A», there are a variety of ideas to consider. Depending on the context of the sentence, the best word to use may vary. It is important to consider the other words used in the sentence and the tone of the overall message. For example, if the sentence is meant to be humorous, using a word like «unique» or «lone» may be more appropriate than using a more serious word like «unit» or «individual». There are a variety of synonyms for the word «A» that can be used when writing, including «singular», «unit», «individual», «sole», «lone», «unique», «unitary», «separate», «isolated», «exclusively», «particular», «alone», «specific», «matchless», «unrivaled», «peerless», «unparalleled», «unmatched», «unshared», «unaccompanied», «unmixed», and «unalloyed». With so many choices, it can be helpful to consider the context of the sentence to find the best word to use.